Putters for Sharing

Benefit Discs are putters meant to be passed on from person to person, tracking the location of the discs as they migrate from course to course. Each time a disc is "checked in" the person will be asked to provide a donation to benefit a specific memorial, charity or other fund, and leave the disc behind for the next player after they use it. By keeping the discs migrating the benefits can grow... as we also grow the sport.
Why Use Putters?

Benefit Discs is now a registered 501c3 organization. Donations to BDiscs or Campaigns are tax-deductible! You can also register a disc.

Butterfly for Benefit Discs, a disc golf charity organization. Represents Laura Ross

Disc Migration Tracking

Track the migration of your Benefit Discs and the different courses , states, and countries discs have traveled to. As the discs migrate, your awareness and charity efforts expand into new communities.
Tracked Disc Migrations
Tracked locations of putters for Benefit Discs

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Support Benefit Discs

Help support the growth of Benefit Discs and charities by becoming a sponsor. Double or Triple our fundraising efforts with matching funds, or offer a gift-certificate to be awarded to winners of our "Throw Pink for Breast Cancer" CTP Basket at tournaments or other disc golf events. Even a little gas money helps!
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