Benefit Discs

Why Use Putters?

We use putters for Benefit Discs for multiple reasons.

  1. Putters are for EVERYONE. New players and experienced alike can benefit from learning how to throw putters.. and putt better. It is the most useful disc on the course.
  2. Putters are used more than any other disc on the course. You get multiple chances to put it in your hands and throw it.
  3. Putters are the most “personal” disc. Players stick to their putters… until they blame the putter for that 10ft miss! Often a player chooses a particular putter to use primarily, and buys multiple as they continue to play.  BDiscs encourages players to try out different putters they may not have even tried… which may help them find a putter they really connect with! That’s why putters are personal.
  4. Putters are the disc you leave in baskets, like traditional memorial discs. 

Other types of discs can be used, of course, but I think putters are best! ;)

Putters Being Used as Benefit Discs

Disclaimer: As this site is brand-new (launched on 06/30/2023) the discs listed below are not neccessarily the ones used in current campaigns. Soon, as I get sponsors/manufacturers on board (I hope), the discs will be replaced with ones we are using for Campaigns. What you see below is more of a "demo" at this point. Please contact me if you have questions!