Make a Bigger Impact

Disc manufacturers, resellers, local businesses, and individuals can all make an impact when they sponsor Benefit Discs in various ways.

Support My Efforts with BDiscs

Right now, this is a one-man show! Benefit Discs officially began a non-profit in Jan 2024. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to help me continue to grow!

Purchase/Donate Putters for Campaigns

Sponsor the discs for a fundraiser or tournament. By purchasing the discs from the manufactures you can support benefit discs by providing the putters needed for a campaign! Or, if you are a manufacturer... you can donate the putters yourself to put straight into the hands of players.
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Match Funds from the BDiscs CTP Basket

At tournaments you may find the Benefit Discs "Throw Pink for Breast Cancer" CTP basket... featuring unlimited throws for 1 dollar each. Sponsors are needed for winning gift-certificates, and for matching funds. All proceeds from the CTP basket go to funds that support individuals with breast and other gynecological cancers.
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Sponsors for Campaigns

Thank you to the following sponsors that have helped Benefit Discs!
Throw Pink
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Trash Panda Disc Golf
Spinners on the Green
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